Union Square Somerville Playlist

Celebrate and Support Local Music with 20 Somerville Bands and Musicians

The Union Square Somerville Playlist project explores the music and history of the city of Somerville, Massachusetts. Attend an event or purchase the Playlist -- proceeds benefit local artists and the Somerville Museum.

Support and celebrate local music

SOMERVILLE, MASSACHUSETTS is the most densely populated city in New England and a three-time winner of the National Civic League’s All–America City Award. Somerville’s Union Square neighborhood was once a center for meat packing, glass blowing, brick-making and textile finishing. Today, Union Square is home to many musicians and all sorts of businesses, including music venues, recording studios and practice spaces. This playlist is a sample of Union Square’s talent. Many thanks to the participating artists and the Passim Iguana Music Fund for making the project possible. Thanks also to the Somerville Arts Council and the Somerville Museum. All proceeds benefit the artists and the Somerville Museum.

The Somerville Museum/Somerville Historical Society was founded in 1896.

Special Thanks

We are grateful to these great local businesses and supporters!


Production Credits

Executive Producer:  Charan Devereaux

Producers: Damon Leibert and Matt Smith

Cover Art: Eli Epstein at Union Press 

Legal and General Wisdom: David Herlihy

Graphic Design: Bill Miller

Mastering: Ian Kennedy at New Alliance East Mastering


Special Thanks to the Somerville Museum, Evelyn Battinelli, Michael O'Connell, Barbara Mangum, The Somerville Arts Council, Greg Jenkins, Rachel Strutt, Nina Eichner, Heather Balchunas, Matt Smith, Damon Leibert, Bill Miller, Elii Epstein, David Herlihy, Ian Kennedy, Bluetone Studio, Marc Sam Dalzon and M&S Records, Club Passim, Abby Altman, Sean Staples, Jennifer Kimball, Starlab Studios, Lisa Vidal, Aeronaut Brewing Co., Randy Winchester, Ben Holmes, Jason McCool, The Green Room, Sally O'Brien's Jonas Kahn, Bull McCabe's, PA's Lounge, Third Life Studio, Somerville Grooves, Mimi Graney, Vicky I, Union Square Main Streets, Emily Cassel, Emily Hopkins, Tarshe Derival, Katie Johnston, Ben Evans, Carmen Nobel, Daniele Leveine, Susan Warmbrunn, Johanna Richwagen, Jan and Michael Devereaux, Rob and Rachel Devereaux, Joshua Ott, and Andrew Ott. 

The Union Square Somerville Playlist was first created as part of Charan Devereaux’s Union Square at Work-- a collection of photographs, stories and music from Somerville’s oldest commercial district. With support from the Somerville Arts Council/Massachusetts Cultural Council, the project was exhibited at the Somerville Museum and the Massachusetts State House. 

Website art: detail of 1852 Map of Somerville by Martin J. Draper; April 19, 1917 photograph of "Flag Raising by Union Square Business Men' s Association, Somerville, Mass." courtesy of the Somerville Museum.


Images from Union Square @ Work by Charan Devereaux

Images from Union Square @ Work by Charan Devereaux